Emily Duncan: Racism In The Writing Space

Hey guys so I can’t get the podcast to load how I normally do on here but yesterday I released an episode about the Emily Duncan controversy. The main focus of this episode was to discuss diversity and inclusion in the writing space, not to harp on the actions of one person. I wanted to make sure that I hopped on here and included every link I mentioned throughout the podcast:

Instagram Post About Emily Duncan Controversy: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNaZ61Er6UW/

The interview where Catherine Hardwicke talks about working with Stephenie Meyer: https://popculture.com/movies/news/twilight-author-stephanie-meyer-racist-twitter-new-book-reveal/

Sam Reimer’s essay about the racism in Twilight: http://film.byu.edu/aperture/?p=187

An interesting article about Hermione Granger’s Racial depiction and character description: https://bookriot.com/white-bias-in-literature/

2019 report on diversity in children’s and YA literature: https://bookriot.com/diversity-in-childrens-and-young-adult-literature/

THE 2018 STATE OF RACIAL DIVERSITY IN ROMANCE PUBLISHING FROM THE RIPPED BODICE: https://bookriot.com/the-2018-state-of-racial-diversity-in-romance-publishing-from-the-ripped-bodice/

WHERE IS THE DIVERSITY IN PUBLISHING? THE 2015 DIVERSITY BASELINE SURVEY RESULTS: https://blog.leeandlow.com/2016/01/26/where-is-the-diversity-in-publishing-the-2015-diversity-baseline-survey-results/

Articles to read when you’re learning how to write characters of a different race: