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How to Get Started on Fiverr as a Freelance Writer

If you’re a brand new Freelance writer and you’re thinking about becoming a seller on Fiverr, I have some advice! We’ll discuss the pros of Fiverr, the cons, and tips for beginners.

The Eyes That Raised You.

I look into the eyes that raised me and I learn something new Those familiar eyes are just as confused and gentle as me and you. Those same eyes that seemed so mean-spirited when you were young Are still developing after all these years, the growing isn’t done. Those eyes still light up when they … Continue reading The Eyes That Raised You.


When I was 18 I called my best friend in tears Halfway through a 12 pack of cheap gas station beer I told her he left, told her he was gone, Told her I couldn’t breathe, that my chest felt all wrong. It took a long time, she gave me a warm shove Taught me … Continue reading 3:0