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Back with a draft

A rough, incomplete draft of the first short fiction story that I have shared on this website.

What to expect in 2022

It’s been a while! I just wanted to give a quick update on what you can expect from this blog from now on. It’s safe to say I definitely experienced another episode of “writer’s block.” This time it wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas of things to write about. My busy schedule, a lot of … Continue reading What to expect in 2022


When I was 18 I called my best friend in tears Halfway through a 12 pack of cheap gas station beer I told her he left, told her he was gone, Told her I couldn’t breathe, that my chest felt all wrong. It took a long time, she gave me a warm shove Taught me … Continue reading 3:0

Thank You.

I get labeled the “bitter” girl a lot so I thought I would try saying thank you for a change. Thank you. Thank you for abruptly disappearing when I finally started to venture Don’t worry, this time I promise I will spare you the lecture. Thank you for not opening the message we both know … Continue reading Thank You.


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