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How to Get Started on Fiverr as a Freelance Writer

If you’re a brand new Freelance writer and you’re thinking about becoming a seller on Fiverr, I have some advice! We’ll discuss the pros of Fiverr, the cons, and tips for beginners.


When I was 18 I called my best friend in tears Halfway through a 12 pack of cheap gas station beer I told her he left, told her he was gone, Told her I couldn’t breathe, that my chest felt all wrong. It took a long time, she gave me a warm shove Taught me … Continue reading 3:0

Thank You.

I get labeled the “bitter” girl a lot so I thought I would try saying thank you for a change. Thank you. Thank you for abruptly disappearing when I finally started to venture Don’t worry, this time I promise I will spare you the lecture. Thank you for not opening the message we both know … Continue reading Thank You.

And Then You Move On.

Pitch-black room, bare dirt stained wall, Half-dead phone with no missed calls, Tremendous pain, just a few bruises, No clear-cut memories, did I choose this? One gentle hug and one comforting whisper, Dozens and dozens of bottles of liquor. They’ve all moved on and you should too, You’re just the millionth case, what did you … Continue reading And Then You Move On.


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