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I think I have to say goodbye, this is starting to feel too sweet. What about us is the exception? What about us is unique? See the issue here is the millions of scenarios I’ve already gone through in my head. Love has barely lasted for a year, but supposedly this one won’t end until … Continue reading Goodbye.


Overgrown weeds,  Scarce misdeeds, Juvenile & naive.  Consistency skewed Blue & purple bruise, A lifelong love for misuse. Bitter, clear taste, Anxious of waste, Anger & fear misplaced. Words are very few Apologies long overdue, Peace & acceptance is new. Every few years, A brand new fear Blinds & then it clears. Words too hard … Continue reading Rhyme.

What to expect in 2022

It’s been a while! I just wanted to give a quick update on what you can expect from this blog from now on. It’s safe to say I definitely experienced another episode of “writer’s block.” This time it wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas of things to write about. My busy schedule, a lot of … Continue reading What to expect in 2022


When I was 18 I called my best friend in tears Halfway through a 12 pack of cheap gas station beer I told her he left, told her he was gone, Told her I couldn’t breathe, that my chest felt all wrong. It took a long time, she gave me a warm shove Taught me … Continue reading 3:0


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