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Thank You.

I get labeled the “bitter” girl a lot so I thought I would try saying thank you for a change. Thank you. Thank you for abruptly disappearing when I finally started to venture Don’t worry, this time I promise I will spare you the lecture. Thank you for not opening the message we both know … Continue reading Thank You.

And Then You Move On.

Pitch-black room, bare dirt stained wall, Half-dead phone with no missed calls, Tremendous pain, just a few bruises, No clear-cut memories, did I choose this? One gentle hug and one comforting whisper, Dozens and dozens of bottles of liquor. They’ve all moved on and you should too, You’re just the millionth case, what did you … Continue reading And Then You Move On.

What’s the Obsession with Toxic Relationships all About?

Hey guys! Welcome to this week’s Podcast episode which was all about discussing why toxic relationships are so popular in fiction books, especially when it comes to YA fiction. Keeping in theme with the format of the last couple episodes I start this podcast by proposing this question, I give you real examples, and then … Continue reading What’s the Obsession with Toxic Relationships all About?


I’m afraid that I have unintentionally painted a lie, Dressed up and celebrated in sweet short lines. I’ve told countless renditions of our devastating goodbye, But never once took ownership for the mistake that’s all mine. I have a habit of hiding behind a wide innocent gaze, So when a betrayal occurs, you’re the obvious … Continue reading Confession


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