Brown Eyes

Gentle brown eyes with a sweet soft guise,

Drenched in spontaneity with an aversion to goodbyes,

Filled to the brim with an endless amount of why’s.

Dark brown eyes with a dark black rim,

Perpetually going out on a limb,

To fill an insatiable thirst for love, for now quenched with the taste of gin.

5 thoughts on “Brown Eyes

  1. Understanding the concept of *Brown Eyes*
    is to understand the concept of intimate true love as follows:

    “To Love and understand Love, Love must be uppermost on your Mind,
    innermost in your Heart,
    and deepermost in your Soul.”
    _-Van Prince

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  2. Lovely tripping lines with a great ear for rhythm! Loved how you expressed that fear of farewells paired with the numbness of finding solace in a bottle. Great noir imagery here 🙂

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